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For years now we have hand stitched all of our goods while keeping the price in line with other makers who machine stitch.  Hand stitching is a dying art though without a doubt the most authentic way, but it takes time.  A belt that might take 10 minutes on a machine, takes about five hours by hand!  Hand stitching is exceptionally nice looking and durable, and I enjoy doing it the old way.   After much consideration and a fair amout of back and forth decisions, I have made the final decision to hand stitch all of my gunleather and belts!  It is just who I am and what I do.  We have adjusted prices to reflect the hand stitched price.  For those of you who have purchased my hand stitched goods, I know you will agree with this decision.  For those who have not, just give us a try and I am sure you will be pleased. 

We are now offering a discount for our nations military personnel.  Visit our Specials page to see this.

Shipping costs are listed with each item on our website.  These prices are for shipping to the lower 48 states with the exception of California.  International shipping, and shipping to California, Alaska and Hawaii will be figured with you order.

Hand dying leather takes time to do and about 24 hours or more to dry.  We don't do this because it makes money... we do it for the look.  What I am trying to do is make a rig that looks like a very old, well cared for piece, not something that just came from the factory floor. 
Drum dyed leather is soaked in a vat until the entire piece is saturated and what you get is very consistent color.  It looks good, but it looks like factory produced color!
Hand dyed leather has slight imperfections, which is what I want!  There are areas of light and shadow which give the piece an older and more authentic look.  Please keep this in mind when you order.

The general rule is a gunbelt should be about 5-6" larger than your pants size, but you know how general rules go.  The best way to measure for your belt is to put a belt on right were you plan to wear your gunbelt.  Now take note of which hole you used to fasten the belt, then remove it and lay it out flat.  Measure from the hole you used to the very far tip of the buckle (this means you are measuring the belt and the buckle), and this is the measurment you want.
If you are unsure about this when ordering please contact us for help because it takes hours to stitch these and they can not be returned.


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Harrison & Harrison Leather Works: Makers of custom leather goods and other fine autrements, as well as saddle, tack and general leather repairs and restoration. All of our goods are hand made from top quality American leather. Accoutrements and such are also hand made from selected native materials.

Each product begins with the hand selection of the leather or other materials to be used. Each piece is hand cut, hand tooled, hand stitched and hand finished. It is our goal to provide the very best product we are able to produce, with no exceptions.

It has been said, that many of the Native American cultures believed that when a person makes something with their own hands, works hard in the effort and takes pride in their work, a part of them lives within that which they have made, forever. We can not say whether or not this is so, but can say that it is in this spirit our goods are made. 

Design services are available to either individuals or retailers. We will gladly sit down with you and discuss your individual needs and desires for a single product or product line.


Custom made holsters can be manufactured for most any make or model of handgun, either plain or tooled. Western holsters for black powder and cartridge models are available in many traditional styles as well as unique custom models, made with the same tools and techniques of days past but with no historical model. Modern holsters are also available on request, as well as concealed carry models with optional magazine holders.

Custom belts in any width, length or finish, either plain or tooled. We have a large stock of different leathers, buckles and Conchos for your selection. Some styles include: Cartridge and shot shell belts. Ranger and money belts. Tapered western belts and dress belts are available on request.

Custom tack can be made to order. Reins, halters and bridles finished and tooled to your requests. Rein widths from 5/8" to 1", and lengths from 48" to 84" are standard. If you have an old favorite piece which has fallen out of service, bring it to us and we will make a new replacement just the way you want it.

Hand made items such as belt pouches, knife sheaths, rifle scabbards and other cases can be made to order from many different types of leather, to fit nearly any need. If you are tired of the same old cell phone case, let us make one for you that will outlast your phone.

Leather cuffs, saddle bags, rifle scabbards, cartridge or shot shell belts and slides as well as other custom leather goods, hand made to your specifications.

Custom made knives with antler or fancy wood scales and hand made leather sheaths are available on request though not currently featured on the site. Flintlock primer horns made from Elk antlers, and black powder shooting bags are a few of the items available as custom orders.


At Harrison & Harrison we are commited to producing products using the best materials we can find, and to continuing the tradition of hand stitching leather.  It takes between six and eight hours to hand stitch a belt.  On a machine it would take only a couple of minutes...  We believe that the apperance and quality of hand stitching is worth the extra time.  As you compair our prices with others, please keep in mind the tradition, quality and effort that goes into our hand made gear. 


General leather repair and restoration is available for most leather goods including; holsters, belts, tack, minor saddle repairs, cases, knife sheaths and more.

We can clean and re-condition your tack and leather goods for you.


We try to keep ou websit fresh and add to our line of goods as the market requires. As such, new products and photos will be added on a regular basis.  Please check back with us from time to time to see what is new. 

We want to express our thanks to Skinner Media for all the help and patience in getting this site started and maintained.  You just can't believe how TECHONOLGY IMPARED I am, so if they can put up with me they can do just about anything.  Give them a call and I bet they can help you too.

Until we meet again, God bless you and the United States of America.